Medical Weight-Loss Services


Various hormones influence weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, satiety, and food addiction. Behavior and medication can influence these hormones to adjust overtime. The patient will learn how, when, and what to eat to achieve a healthy weight.

Weight loss Treatment

The medications we utilize are well-studied and highly effective for weight loss. Some of the medications we use include, Generic Wegovy, Ozempic and phentermine which are the best-known medications for weight loss. Medications are individually selected based on Patient intake information and medical history.

We only use safe and effective medications. Medication is only a tool that we utilize.

Health-O-Meter G6 body composition analysis scale

Carvalho Healthcare utilizes an FDA-approved Health-O-Meter G6 body composition analysis scale which uses bio-impedance technology from Valhalla Scientific, the G6 Series scales provide a full body composition report including:

  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Visceral Fat
  • Fat-Free Mass
  • Body Water %
  • Muscle-mass
  • Body Mass Index
  • Recommended Daily Caloric Intake
A whole body composition scale, also known as a body mass scale, is an important tool in weight loss because of its ability to provide detailed information about a patient’s total body composition. At Carvalho Healthcare we believe in acquiring the most amount of information regarding body mass so that we know what we are looking at, and also this helps us track progress, ensuring that weight loss is being targeted at fat.
Our Results

 We prescribe mainly Semaglutide, our Generic Wegovy. We have also begun prescribing Tirzepatide as well. Semaglutide and Tirzepatide lowers the set point weight of the body over time. We see an average of 2.5 weightloss per week. We see around 10 lb weight-loss per month on Semaglutide. with Tirzepatide we see better results, as it is a newer medication, it is also a more expensive option. For many, the Semaglutide works well enough. 


Our Weight Loss Guarantee

We guarantee if the patient takes the prescribed medication, adheres to our diet, exercise, and nutritional plan, not only will weight loss happen. Life satisfaction, well-being, confidence, and a sense of control will be achieved!

Intake is thorough

Intake consists of Weight History, Medical History, Medications, Family history, Social history. We Identify any barriers to success with weight loss. The program is designed for the client to be successful. Nutrition, diet, exercise, education is provided to Client in person and a handout is provided. We make sure there is no contraindication to medications.