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Struggling with shedding pounds despite your efforts in Weight Loss In Plymouth, MA? Are you tired of the cycle of dieting, exercising rigorously, yet seeing no tangible results? Have you experienced the frustration of losing weight only to regain it shortly after? Search no more! Our specialized medical weight loss program is meticulously crafted to revolutionize your lifestyle and empower you to attain enduring transformations.

Why Choose Carvalho Healthcare?

Real results
Our program is designed to help our patients achieve maximum results in a safe and effective way.
We use highly effective weight loss medications. Our range includes Semaglutide (a generic form of Ozempic, wegovy), and Tirzepatide (known as generic Mounjaro, zepbound. Additionally, we offer other effective treatments like Phentermine.
Professional Guidance
Our team of experienced medical professionals will tailor a personalized weight loss plan based on your unique needs, ensuring safety and effectiveness throughout your journey.
Proven Success Stories
Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable transformations. Real people, real results – check out our success stories that speak volumes about the effectiveness of our program.
Holistic Approach
We believe in addressing the root causes of weight gain. Our program encompasses not just diet, medication and exercise, but also behavioral and lifestyle changes, and assessing genetics to promote sustainable weight loss.
Medical Supervision
Benefit from the expertise of our medical professionals who oversee your progress, ensuring that your health remains a top priority.
We provide lifestyle, not a diet
The truth is dieting does not work! You eat a certain way for a month or two, and then you can’t take it anymore. Maybe you lose some weight, but then you gain it all back.
Ongoing Support
You're not alone on this journey. Our support doesn’t end when you leave our clinic. We offer continuous guidance, resources, and follow up in order to ensure success.
Top priority
Our number one priority is our patients and their success. We don’t succeed unless our patients succeed.

Carvalho Healthcare utilizes an FDA-approved Health-O-Meter G6 body composition analysis scale, which uses bio-impedance technology from Valhalla Scientific. The G6 Series scales provide a full body composition report, including:

70+ 5 star Reviews


Peace of Mind

Gain clarity and reassurance about your health status through our detailed blood work.


From $250 to $700
depending on the medication. Insurance will not cover generic medication for weight loss
Includes: Intake, Follow up, medication, and medical supervision.


Our services are designed for the client/patient to experience ultimate wellbeing both mentally and physically.

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