Mental Health Services


We prefer to call mental health Brain Health. Our aim is to decrease any stigma surrounding brain health services. The Brain is an organ able to adapt and mold as a result of our experiences and environment. This is called plasticity. The Brain is able to improve over time! This is great news!

What is our Mental health Services?

We use an integrative/functional approach to achieving optimal brain health. This means we wont just prescribe a medication. We will try to get to the root cause of your anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness.

Intake and Treatment Plan

We do a thorough intake. We look at family history, genetics, lifestyle, past experiences, past medical history and treatments. 

The treatment plan is an integrative one. nutrition, lifestyle, therapy, and medication all have a place in our treatment plan.

brain and behavioral health

How common is a Mental illness?

More than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a brain illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime According to the CDC. 1 in 4 adults and children have had a serious debilitating brain illness at some point in their lifetime, also according to the CDC. According to Johns Hopkins, approximately 10% of Americans will suffer from depression each year. Approximately 20% of patients will suffer from an anxiety disorder each year.

What causes Mental illness?

Early adverse experiences, a medical condition, genetic or chemical imbalances, alcohol or drug use, and isolation also influence this as well.

We Want to Help!

We assess each patient’s brain health. We address any issues and will come up with a preventative and active treatment plan. There is much scientific evidence for optimal brain health. We assist every patient in achieving peak optimal brain performance and well-being.