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Chaim Medical Resource is a non-profit organization providing support to individuals and families facing the devastating effects of medical crises.

What Is Our Mission

Our mission is to change the life of every person that works through our doors. We believe in empowering people to live their healthiest life. We also believe in the dignity and worth of human life, and we are honored and privileged to work in the capacity of transforming our patients health. We utilize a functional/integrative approach. Diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications all have a place in our treatment focus. We believe prevention is key. Optimizing and advancing health is what we do!

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our goal

Our goal is to partner with each patient and help them live the healthiest lives they can possibly have! By optimizing health!

Carvalho Healthcare Services

Medical Weight Loss
Our program consists of education, medication, and coaching. We offer a proven program that is individually tailored to each patient. We use the most effective evidence based medications for weight loss which includes Generic Ozempic and Wegovy, mounjaro, and Zepbound. We teach you all you need to know about diet, nutrition, and exercise so that you will lose weight and keep it off!
General Health
We use an integrative approach to health and wellness. This includes in depth blood work, checking everything from cholesterol to hormone levels and certain vitamins. We come up with an individualized treatment plan which will depend on blood work and intake results. Our goal in this program is to optimize your general health!
Brain And Behavioral Health
Our program is designed to assist patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses to achieve optimal brain health. We do this via therapy with our licensed therapist, supplements, hormone optimization, and medications if needed. We want to get to the root cause.

How are we Different?

At Carvalho Healthcare, we assist your primary care provider in making you healthier! We focus on general health and wellbeing, medical weight loss, and mental health. We look at the whole person. We believe that the patient should be in charge of their health. We are not a pushy health clinic. We recommend and come up with a treatment plan, The patient decides the rest!

Insurance and Payment?

At Carvalho Healthcare’s Functional/Integrative Medical Clinic. We do not accept insurance. Insurance will not pay for generic weight loss medications. Insurance is also in the business of saving where they can. We will not allow insurance companies to dictate the level of care we know is effective and want to provide. We believe in checking vitamins, hormones, and in depth blood analysis before proceeding with any treatment plan.

Healthcare Services

General Health
Weight Loss
Mental Health

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