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Unlock a healthier, more vibrant future through genetic testing in Plymouth, MA at Carvalho Healthcare. We firmly believe that delving into your DNA provides invaluable insights for informed choices about your well-being. Our state-of-the-art genetic testing services offer a personalized view of your genetic composition, equipping you with the understanding to navigate your health, lifestyle, and future with confidence.

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Why Genetic Testing?

Comprehensive Analysis
Our tests cover a wide range of genetic markers, providing you with a detailed view of your genetic profile.
Personalized Reports
Each test result is accompanied by an easy-to-understand, personalized report that offers insights into your health, wellness, and ancestry.
Expert Guidance
Our team of healthcare professionals are available to help you interpret your results and guide your next steps.
Confidential and Secure
Your privacy is our top priority. We employ advanced security measures to ensure your data is protected at all times.
Continued Support
Our commitment to you extends beyond the test. We offer ongoing support and updates as new genetic discoveries are made.

Genetic Tests Offered

Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle
Gain insights into how your genes influence your health, dietary needs, and lifestyle choices, enabling a tailored approach to nutrition and wellness.
Health and Disease Risk Assessment
Explore genetic predispositions to various health conditions and chronic diseases to implement preventive strategies and optimize health outcomes.
Weight Management Guidance
Receive personalized dietary advice based on your genetic makeup to support effective weight management and overall health.
Athletic Performance Optimization
Understand your potential for sports and exercise, including insights on injury risk, recovery, and performance enhancement strategies.
Mental/Brain Health
Delve into how genetic factors impact mental health and cognitive function, offering pathways to personalized mental wellness strategies.
Maternal and Fetal Health
For expecting mothers, discover genetic insights to support the health and development of both mother and baby during pregnancy.
Stress and Resilience
Learn about your genetic predisposition towards stress and resilience to develop personalized coping strategies.
Oral Health
Uncover the genetic factors that influence oral health and its implications on your overall well-being.
Skin Health
Get personalized skincare recommendations based on your genetic predisposition to various skin conditions.
Medication Efficacy
Pharmacogenomics testing provides insights into how your body processes medications, helping to minimize side effects and optimize treatment outcomes.
Autoimmune Risk Screening
Screen for genetic markers associated with autoimmune diseases to enhance early detection and prevention strategies.

Our genetic tests are grounded in the latest scientific research, offering actionable insights that go beyond traditional health assessments. These tests are designed to empower you with knowledge about your unique genetic profile, enabling personalized health plans that work best for your body.

Our aim is to provide you with cutting-edge solutions for preventive health care, tailored dietary and lifestyle interventions, and optimized medical treatments.

Embrace the future of personalized health and wellness with our genetic testing services.

Genetic Testing Samples

Simple, Safe, And Non-Invasive Testing Process

Getting tested is easy. Just order your testing kit online, follow the simple instructions to collect your DNA sample, and send it back to us. Within weeks, you’ll receive your comprehensive genetic report.

Peace of Mind

We care about our patients/clients and their results. We are 100% dedicated to help them understand their results and what to do about it


$799 for DNA Core. This includes 3 different genetic tests.
DNA Health, DNA Diet, and DNA physical Activity.
call us or message us for more information.


We hold confidentiality seriously. We utilize Genetic testing to help optimize current health and prevent illness in the future. Information gained will be transformational and life changing! This is comprehensive healthcare!

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier You

Ready to unlock the secrets held in your DNA? Contact us today to learn more about our services or to order your genetic testing kit. Let Carvalho Healthcare guide you on a journey to better health and deeper self-understanding.

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