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Importance Of In-Depth Blood Work

Carvalho Healthcare is dedicated to a comprehensive approach to your health and wellbeing. In-depth blood work is fundamental in this journey, offering insights crucial for diagnosing, managing, and preventing various health issues.

Early Disease Detection

Blood tests are crucial in identifying health issues like diabetes or heart disease before they manifest symptoms. This early detection leads to timely and effective treatment.

Example: A fasting insulin test can predict future diabetes. Low levels of vitamin D are linked to cognitive problems, weakened immunity, and bone issues.

Personalized Health Care

We provide personalized healthcare based on detailed insights unique to your body.

Example: Addressing deficiencies like low vitamin D or B12 through targeted supplementation.

Monitoring Treatment and Lifestyle Changes

Regular blood tests are invaluable in monitoring your response to treatments and lifestyle changes.

Example: Tracking markers such as CRP (inflammatory marker), vitamin D, hormones, cholesterol, and thyroid function. Seeing these labs improve over time directly correlates with enhanced health.

Comprehensive Health Overview

Our blood tests go beyond the basics, covering a broad spectrum from cholesterol to hormones and inflammatory markers.

Example: We’ve identified several early cases of Hashimoto’s disease, a thyroid autoimmune condition, through our comprehensive testing.

Peace of Mind

We truly care for the health and well-being of our patients/clients. Our #1 priority is optimizing health. Rest assured, with us, your in good hands!


The primary reasons behind most doctor's offices limiting comprehensive blood testing stem from constraints related to insurance coverage and the administrative and management overhead involved. Consequently, we opt to bill our patients/clients directly for these services. The cost for comprehensive blood testing ranges between $175 and $681.


Our Extensive lab testing program, includes a blood work review with the provider. recommendations on preventing or reverting disease will be provided. We guarantee that valuable, actionable information will be gained from this service

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